People often layer their jewelry based on their favorite pieces, however this is not how it should be done, layering should be done in accordance to proportions, for necklaces I would recommend to start with a choker a favorite minimalist pendant, or small discs, then and only then add a longer necklace with a sizeable proportion supporting a pendant to create a bolder look, mixing and matching different shapes, mix straight line pieces with round pieces, be sure that the sizes are different but distinct, mix gem stones of different colors but the metals color remains in the same color this will create a sought after look, you will find that The right shapes will complement each other without “matching”. Throw in a silver chain among the exhaustive amount of gold just to say to the naysayers this is my style! I would be confined to a box! your box!

Regarding bracelets, the small of your wrist should be adored with the smallest piece weather in silver or gold. Then leaned hard into your drama! Here is where we make a statement add a significant cuff of offset the minimalist piece. Here we can mix and match the metal colors. look, see how it plays against your skin and personality and you should be able to feel the look you are going for. The possibilities are endless in this scenario.

Danny Sing
- Designer