Pearls can be traced way back to the 2300 BC China where it adorns the royalties, and it is one of the acceptable forms of gifting to the emperor and his courts. it is a symbol of wealth, power, and prestige. And in the same instance in ancient Rome, it represents the ultimate status symbol of wealth and prosperity. It is rumored according to legends that Cleopatra crushed a perfect pearl and mixed it into a glass of wine to prove to Marc Antony that she could throw the most elegant and expensive dinner party in way to impress him. Pearls have its ups and downs, but you cannot deny that pearls still, until today plays an especially important role in your jewelry collection, if you should conduct a poll with the well-to-do, I bet you will find that in every collection has a strand of pearls, a pendant perhaps a pearl worked into a bracelet and of course the most prominent, earrings.

Let me recall you to the wonderful and beautiful Vermeer Tronie. This beautiful painting was painted in 1665. Yes! In 1665! And although this masterpiece goes by different names, all anyone can remember is this name “Girl with a pearl earring”. This is the importance of pearl in your jewelry collection. Do not let the stigma of “Grandma Pearls” keep you from having an amazing jewelry experience. Pearls can be young, hip, cool. Wear pearls in your style…Yes! That is right! I am talking about choosing the  special piece that whispers to you, that breathes your name, that whispers its magic in your aura. Wear it in layers, build your style around it in the form of gold chains, the allure of the gold luster bouncing off the eggshell white that changes color faintly as it reflects your light, pearl earrings whether in a solitaire or in multiple perfectly sized individuals, it will attract the right attention, it will lend you the credibility that you deserve in the any setting. Someone ask at your party, “did you see a girl in a pearl earring?” This is how you want to be remembered and it is all because of the beautiful timeless pearl. Pearls is the only form of jewelry that is formed in a living creature. There are so many unique qualities about pearls these qualities which makes it a “must have” piece in your collection.

Danny Sing
- Designer